Jennifer and Kim are both Florida Supreme Court certified circuit court mediators.  They offer mediation services to help parties reach resolution of their claims. 

Settlement conference can be held in person or on line.

Jennifer A. Winegardner

She has been a criminal defense attorney, a commercial and business litigator, appellate advocate, and a career clerk for Justice Peggy A. Quince at the Florida Supreme Court.

She has worked at small firms and large, has represented indigents as well as multi-million dollar corporations, and knows the value of a well-designed settlement.

In 2018, she became a certified circuit civil court mediator and is qualified to mediate circuit civil disputes throughout Florida, including issues requiring mandatory pre-suit mediation by statute.

​"Almost all Florida judges will require parties to mediate before trial. That is because most cases should be resolved by the parties directly. It gives parties more control of the outcome and affords them creativity that the courts can't give."